Marketing Consulting

TEchnical Consulting

Brent has 2+ decades of experience in measuring and evaluating audio and video products, and owns a full suite of audio test equipment. He has consulted on the development of numerous audio products, including soundbars, speaker docks, TV sound systems, headphones and HTiB systems, and has probably measured more soundbars and compact audio systems than anyone in the world. Because most of his testing equipment is portable, he can work at his own facilities or anywhere in the world.

Prototype evaluation
Audio product tuning
Speaker and headphone measurement
Subwoofer measurement, including CEA-2010
Audio electronics measurement
Organizing and conducting panel tests
Competitive product evaluation and analysis

Review sample performance check

Web and print brochure copy
Marketing/business plans
PowerPoint decks
Press releases
Ad concepting and copy
PR strategy
Market analysis
Audio and video scripts
Audio and video production
White papers

Custom publishing

Marketing Services

Technical Services

Brent’s marketing experience spans three decades and industries including consumer electronics, building trades, aviation, industrial/chemical products, hospitality and luxury goods. He has done everything from writing ad copy and press releases to managing a $2 million marketing effort. Because his work includes photography, PowerPoint production, web design, and audio and video production, Brent is a true “one-stop shop” for your marketing needs.

Audiomatica CLIO 10 FW audio analyzer
LinearX LMS speaker measurement system
Audio Precision System One Dual Domain audio analyzer
G.R.A.S. Model 43AG ear/cheek simulator
G.R.A.S. Model RA0045 IEC 711 ear simulator
NTi Minilyzer audio analyzer
Earthworks M30, Audiomatica MIC-01 and NTi MiniSPL mics
Audio by Van Alstine AVA ABX switcher
Acoustically treated listening room
Custom-built audio testing switchers

Custom-built testing racks for soundbars and compact systems